On-site workshops provide a practical introduction to qualitative software NVivo and how it may be used for qualitative data analysis.  Each workshop is designed to meet the experience and requirements of the audience.  We often combine an overview workshop for a group of interested researchers with some start up time for those ready to embark on using the software on their own project.

What is a workshop?

A workshop consists of lecture sessions with demonstrations of the software and integrated practical sessions.  The practical sessions can be based on participants' own data allowing participants to work at their own pace, catering for varying degrees of computer expertise.  

For practical sessions at least one machine for every two participants is recommended.

What is a typical workshop like?

A one day overview workshop may be appropriate for researchers wishing to assess qualitative software.  This shows, with examples, how NVivo may be used in different types of qualitative research. An overview workshop could include demonstrations and discussion on how the software could be used in a variety of projects or could include a practical session working on a sample project.

A two day workshop provides a thorough practical introduction to NVivo and shows how it may be used to support qualitative research.  By the end of the workshop, participants will have set up their own project and used basic coding and searching facilities.  

A two day advanced workshop for those with a basic understanding of NVivo covers techniques for using cases and attributes, advanced searching, visualisation and team working.

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